EU to raise standards, LED enterprises need to improve
EU intends to energy-efficient requirements, namely the EU market only accept 0.2 or more directional LED lights and directional fluorescent lamps energy efficiency index, 2.5 times higher than before the energy efficiency of directional lights and LED lights; U.S. is planning to import directional lights and LED lamps conformity assessment of products, market supervision and inspection procedures, higher demands.

At present, China Guangdong alone more than 3,000 LED enterprises, where most of the products exported to Europe, the requirements put forward by the European Union and the United States of LED products a great impact on China's export products. According to the Research Center of Guangdong Province WTO / TBT Notification and Enquiry estimated the LED export enterprises in Guangdong Province will therefore increase the cost of production of about 40 billion yuan.

In recent years, Europe and the United States on many occasions to use its technological advantage and the patent monopoly to limit the export of Chinese products, in order to protect its domestic industry. These technical barriers tend to give our enterprise caused great loss also reflects Chinese enterprises lack the technical aspects of the patent, subject to foreign technology and enterprise in some areas.

In fact, this is one lasted a long time. Not only is the LED industry and many other industries these problems also hinder the development of relevant industries in China. Now the LED industry technology patents especially become a problem to be solved in the LED industry.

Lower China's LED industry at this stage of the technological content of products, product quality is uneven, and whether there is no obvious advantage in the international market and domestic market. Manufacturers began to cut prices in order to increase sales of the product sales of products, caused by the domestic market, the price war and the consequent reduction of product cost, product quality continued to decline, resulting in a vicious cycle.

Doing so may be able to obtain short-term profits, but there is no doubt that the lower the quality of the product is not conducive to the development of industry-wide, more is not conducive to the popularity of LED lighting products. This stage incandescent began to withdraw from the market because of the pollution of the environment, energy-saving lamps and lack of attention to green lighting the LED falls on the shoulders. LED lighting products in the LED lighting market is moving into a critical moment, consumers do not sufficiently understand enough confidence in the quality of the product is particularly important.

LED lighting companies in China should step up investment in technology research and development efforts to improve product quality and cost-effective to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, relying on its own investment in the high-tech innovation in the field of LED, to come up with excellent quality products, in order to promote enterprise long-term development, and to promote the popularity of LED lighting.
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