OSRAM LED new products have been on sale, substitute of 100 watt traditional lamps
Lowe "s home improvement retail stores have started selling Osram Sylvania (Osram Sylvania) LED new products, lighting products, has more than 25,000 hours of life.

In May this year, the U.S. International Lighting Fair (LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL, LFI), numerous manufacturers of lighting products compete for the equivalent of the 100W lighting the LED lighting market; now, Osram Sylvania has jointly and Lloyd's home improvement retail sales Hei Wan years 20W LED solid-state lighting products, crossing the finish line first end point.

Just a few weeks ago, Philips Lighting announced its equivalent a 100W lighting products, and ready for shipment, and will be held December 1 at Home Depot on sale. Race became a game of speed, equivalent to 100W LED lighting products enabled also had a positive impact for the industry.

Sylvania lighting products output of 1600 lumens, efficacy of 80 lumens / watt, 2700K color temperature, color rendering index of 80. The company said, compared to incandescent lamps, Sylvania lighting products for consumers on the basis of the rated life of 25,000 hours to save $ 220.

American International Lighting Fair, GE Lighting shows 27W, 1600 lumens. The product uses active cooling design, but it is clear, cooling equipment will increase the energy consumption of the product.

Osram Sylvania light bulbs in Lloyd's home improvement retail price of $ 50, the Philips Home Depot sells for $ 55.
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