Britain developed a price of £ 2, cheap LED bulbs can be used for 60 years
At present, the University of Cambridge researchers developed an inexpensive LED bulbs, which enables less electrical energy can be released to the bright light. Its price was only 2 pounds, 60 years of sustainable use.

This LED bulb score currency is small, but it's the lighting efficiency is 12 times the traditional incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent low-energy light bulbs. It is different from the current energy-saving light bulbs, after power-fully illuminated.

In the LED light bulb, the researchers used an artificial semiconductor material - gallium nitride, is used to manufacture the light emitting diode. Has the advantage because of the inexpensive light-emitting diode size and brightness with the traditional light bulb contrast, it has been used in the manufacture of bicycle lights, mobile phone lights and camera flash.

Nitrogen compounds of gallium Research Center of the University of Cambridge scientists come up with effective solutions, they will take advantage of the silicon chip to manufacture light-emitting diode, greatly reducing the cost. County Durham, England RFMD has started manufacture of the prototype, the first light-emitting diode bulbs is expected to be sold within two years on the market.

UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council that the use of the new LED bulbs, household lighting energy consumption will be reduced by three-quarters. If this bulb will be installed in each residential and office lighting electricity each year of the total power consumption of 20% to 5%.
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