LED lighting move towards maturity
The latest market data display, LED bulbs, retail prices have dropped to $ 8, while the price of energy-saving fluorescent lamps is about $ 5, consumers choose more energy-efficient LED lights, the tendency will be further enhanced in this spread, is expected that 2015 will truly usher in the take-off of the LED lighting market.

At the same time, the industry believes that the LED into the general lighting market rate may exceed people's expectations. CR PowTech party movement analysis Road Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager: "With the dramatic fall in prices of LED lighting products, home application market is about to take off, the market is expected to growth of around 30%, but I think far more, especially growth of LED application market of Chinese mainland may be doubled., LED lights factory price has dropped to $ 1.38, no price barriers to enter the home market, there will be some consumers may try to use LED lighting products in 2013, if the trial down to good effect, in 2014 there will be a large number of procurement. "

LED lighting is a big market for all semiconductor manufacturers can not be ignored. In the past, due to lack of funding and design capabilities, restricting the local chip design company into a customized chip market, has also led to the standardization of product market competition is fierce, the gross profit margin declining; custom chip for a specific application, analog ASIC chip market in the field of Maori are relatively much higher, the 2011 analog chip market size of about $ 40 billion, of which more than 90% of the custom chip market. Therefore, application-specific custom chips has become one of the main directions of development in many of the world's chip makers vigorously.

Need for LED lighting special needs, chip manufacturers to have more long-term development planning, as well as a strong ability to design, continuously upgrade their service capabilities, and in-depth client actually help customers solve problems and provide practical solutions and products.

In addition, another major bottleneck often encountered funding problems are also a lot of vendors, this party movement, said: "At present, China's electronic manufacturing competitive strength for all to see, not just production capacity, fully furnished, for domestic is very important in terms of the IC chip industry.

China is becoming a major global LED products manufacturing base, maturing critical period in LED lighting, solid technical support will be provided for the universal application of the LED lighting products customized semiconductor chips, also will promote China's LED industry chain overall development and improvement.
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