LED lighting innovative products to add fun to our life
In the era of today's scientific and technological progress, innovation can be described as whimsy, each industry has its own innovation, but also continue to innovation efforts. The advent of new technology products, a great convenience to our lives brought us unprecedented use of feelings.
The breakdown of the many innovations in the lighting industry, we look at the new products is what What are the benefits and what services they can provide it to our daily life.
Situational LED lights combined with WiFi technology
Mentioned WiFI believe most young people are not familiar with it, the Wi-Fi is a way to personal computers, handheld devices (such as PDA, cell phone) terminal wireless interconnection technology. Can be simply understood as wireless Internet access, many smart phone with most tablet PC supports Wi-Fi Internet access, Wi-Fi full name of the wireless fidelity, is today the most widely used wireless network transmission technology.

And foreign designers use Arduino combined with WiFi technology to make LED lights make iPhone or Android freedom to control the color of the light, not only power but also to create a romantic atmosphere for only $ 60 U.S. dollars, and every single foreign websites selling millions of NT . It is said that this idea is original designers lamented bulb Since the invention to the present, there are only the "glow" purposes, it was decided to keep up with the wave of smartphone for the light bulb to increase replayability.
This creative bulb is not subvert the inherent understanding of traditional bulbs.
LED desk lamp with Apple USB charging interface
With Apple's popular in the world, "love crazy hot products unlimited depth, can in any case you will not think actually there for the Apple phone charging LED desk lamp, M & C Lighting the latest innovations the outcome of t'' Light E contains two environmentally friendly lamp with adjustable light 5W light-emitting diode (LED) and Apple Certified USB charging interface.
Fully integrated USB interface by Apple Certified iPad, iPod and iPhone (iPhone 5) charging. t'' Light E but also for most other uses USB charging cable, phone and tablet computer brands charge. This table lamp comes with Apple USB charger will let you shines, not only to achieve the lighting also charging of mobile devices, can be said to serve multiple purposes.
LED backpack and helmet
Improvement of living standards, but also makes more and more people like the outdoor sports, cycling is a very effective form of exercise, many people choose to ride Tibet, Imagine riding on the road at night with no lights, if the player carry a small luminous body, which can guarantee your safety and make you feel at ease, and that early people to help you think

The Torch Apparel launched a LED is available for use by cyclists backpack, named FLUX. The backpack is not only waterproof, more unique the lower mount an LED light, can improve the safety of cyclists at night. Has a switch on the backpack straps, adjustable lighting modes, that is stable or flashing.
LED lights can be charged via USB, each time you use the time for 2-5 hours, and can also be removed at any time as a separate rear-mounted car mounted on a bicycle. FLUX backpack now try priced at $ 120 each, regular price is $ 180. In addition the company also designed for cyclists luminous helmet, can achieve a 360-degree visible. This helmet two sizes, 2 color options, the price is the same $ 120.
Fancy LED Watch
Artistry has been integrated into our lives, even just a small watch, creative to join elements of art, fashion publicity.
The main body of this watch is made of stainless steel, durable, black body of the table with paint texture, look elegant and full of meaning. Of the highlights of the entire table is to let people scratching their heads just getting started with this table LED display, stylish and beautiful time.
Creativity everywhere, these high-tech products, with lightning speed to our side, when we are still discussing these fresh creative when they are leading to seize the market, walk in the forefront of the market vendors also endless tricks to discuss the consumer's favor. The short creative because life more and more innovative products to increase endless fun for our life.
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