The Taiwan LED bulb annual growth rate up to 2.7 times
Taiwan LED bulb market seems to enter the Warring States Period, research firm PIDA various manufacturers to expand market share have a price war, coupled with the luminous efficiency of the LED bulb sustained opened with the traditional fluorescent ball Bulb gap, making the market acceptance of greatly improved, it is estimated that this (2012) year LED bulb annual sales will reach 1.05 million, the annual growth rate up to 2.7 times.

PIDA pointed out that domestic and foreign firms in recent years have been put into the development of LED lighting products, many Taiwan companies jump out of the previous years, only OEM business model, launched its own brand of lighting products, have begun to be widely this year in the retail channel market.

LED lighting common in the Taiwan market According to PIDA statistics, more than 30 brands, such as Everlight too power in East Asia, lighting and MELTONIC of Delta Electronics, Chan star networks, Qisda BenQ, Formosa Plastics Group cooperation with Epistar photoelectric South Asia, Datong, China wins first Lee Cheng added, trend, too Star electrician, Yi Qi, light Billiton, interpretations of the Golden Age photoelectric is John, Swimming Hill Industrial Wellypower Pak-hung, group macro electrician, Fei Ruida, Taiwan Church COOLED DGNL AgenTech, VIKING International Xuguang, Ritek times the disc, Sharp, Sanyo, Neo-Neon, Stanley, Philips, Osram, GE, etc..

PIDA pointed out that these companies are mostly to select large retail stores, 3C stores and convenience store chains, such as the physical channel sales, a small part is also cut into the traditional utilities, electrical line sales system, sales channels and marketing costs are relatively low network, become the the new Societe debut of platform.

PIDA said, to look at each launch 6 ~ 12W cool white LED bulb product specifications, the main goal is to replace 40W ~ 60W incandescent bulbs, the luminous efficiency of its product specifications range falls between 40 ~ 100 lm / W, luminous angle emphasized the week of light from 120 degrees to 320 degrees, and the general brand factory price range falls per thousand lumens of NT $ 1012 ~ 2220 yuan in every kilolumen about NT $ 276 ~ 1426 yuan, the International Plant.

With the gradually expanding market acceptance, in addition to various brands Factory actively layout of the retail channel market, various retail channels such as the PCSC, family, Bentley industry also Special Programme for energy conservation area to sell LED lighting products, manufacturers and channel industry operates complement the LED lighting market. PIDA estimates that the Taiwan LED bulb annual sales this year will reach 1.05 million, the annual growth rate up to 2.7 times.
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