LED lighting output will be expanded next year
In 2013, the output value of LED lighting market will accelerate the expansion has reached $ 10 replace 40 watt incandescent LED bulbs retail lowest price of industry have been optimistic about the overall LED lighting market value is expected next year will be a significant climb, and related supply chain vendors Jieyouopportunity to benefit from them.

Philips Lumileds Asia Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun countries government policies help next year, the size of the LED lighting market is expected to accelerate growth, coupled with a gradual decline in the price of LED bulbs. Three kinetic energy; LED lighting industry growth next year force firmer major decline in the price of LED bulbs continued to flourish, the Governments policy support green energy concept, the price close to the people would be the most direct impact on the growth of the LED lighting market factors, contains general indoor alternative applications such as bulbs, outdoor street lighting and office lamp market value, are expected to be significantly improved.

Zhou Xuejun further pointed out that, except replace 40W incandescent LED bulbs retail reached sweet price, next year to replace 60W incandescent LED bulb price also very down to general consumers can accept the price, and because the total amount of light emitted, more suitable to play the role of indoor lighting, so the industry looks forward to even more shipments and market penetration.

However, despite the favorable market LED bulb price cut prices accelerate the expansion, but it also makes the supply chain industry gross profit shrunk, so how to compete for more orders to make revenue to expand growth and became a major focus of the industry urgently force. Zhou Xuejun that the LED lighting industry, for example, is bound to have introduced matching products in different applications market, in order to meet customer expectations and needs to take this puerile strategy, let the overall market scale further toward the high gross margins product forward.

On the other hand, in the first half of 2012, mainland China LED lights standard case progress than expected, mainly due to subsidies undetermined, coupled with the European debt crisis affecting demand, LED lighting manufacturer in Taiwan for export has been hit hard. Have agreed with the Chinese mainland government subsidies tenders, coupled with recent political succession smoothly then cross the LED lighting market opportunities expected in 2013 is expected to reach 4 billion yuan scale.
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