The advantages of LED street lights
Compared with traditional high pressure sodium lights, LED lights have a lot of significant potential advantages.

(1) high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption

High-power white LED light efficiency is more than 100lm / W, Cree (Cree), Osram (Osram) optoelectronic semiconductor companies such as high-power white LED laboratory level as early as the beginning of 2009 up to 160lm / W. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) forecasts, after 2020, the high-power LED commercial products light efficiency can reach 165lm / W, laboratory sample luminous efficiency can reach 230lm / W. After 2020, LED light efficiency is basically no longer have a big improvement, will enter a slow period.

Road lighting, high pressure sodium lamp because its light efficiency can reach 120lm / W is dominant. However, with the continuous improvement of the efficiency of LED light, high-pressure sodium lamps monopoly position is precarious. Currently used on secondary roads below 150W LED street lights, reflect the obvious advantages of energy saving.

Traditional street light is generally light to the entire space, but need street lights illuminate only vehicular and pedestrian pavement, street lighting design, uniform and centralized projected onto the road as much as possible to make the light, the need to use a curved reflector collect light, and irradiating it to the desired direction. The light extraction efficiency of only 65% ​​to 70% due to the absorption of the light barrier and the reflection surface in the process of light propagation loss, the resulting street. The contrary, the LED lights, because of its good directivity, the secondary optical lens, luminaire efficiency up to 80%. Three times optical design, lamps light efficiency up to 85% to 90%.

Proved with scientific and reasonable with light 100W LED street lights replace 250W high pressure sodium lamps used on secondary roads, not only to achieve the average illumination of the road lighting standards, but has also been a substantial increase in uniformity. Local area average illumination of high-pressure sodium lamps may be higher, but the uniformity is poor. Thus, LED lights with a considerable saving of space.

The high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp street light, generally only in a small range dimming, LED street light dimming control can be achieved from within the range of 0% to 100%, and the flexibility to adjust the light output according to ambient lighting and traffic conditions, in the case of assurance lighting needs, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Shows that for total lighting electricity consumption of approximately 15% to 20% of road lighting, large-scale implementation of the LED street light has an important significance for energy conservation and reduce carbon.

(2) long service life

The streetlights life a direct impact on the cost of maintenance of the entire road lighting. High pressure sodium lamp life is generally about 20,000 hours, road lighting with high pressure sodium lamp life of only about 5,000 hours, while the high-power LED life is generally up to 5 to 70 thousand hours.

High pressure sodium lamps and LED average life expectancy is defined different. High pressure sodium lamp average life expectancy is defined as the number of light source samples will be tested lit to the time when 50% of the number of damaged, while the average life expectancy of the LED is "a batch of tested samples ignited to 50% of the number of light failure to 70% of the time. "

To measure the lifetime is defined by high-pressure sodium lamps, LED, life of 50,000 hours of LED up to 100,000 hours; LED lifetime is defined to measure high-pressure sodium lamp life of 20,000 hours, high pressure sodium lamp is only about 10,000 hours.

Of course, the life of the LED is not LED streetlights life. The LED street life is decided by the LED light source life and the life of the drive circuit, the life of the LED drive circuit depends on the heat capacity of the lamps, circuit topology and its selection of electronic components and other factors. From the current level of technology, the LED street light life can be more than high-pressure sodium lamps.

(3) the color is good

Highest luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps in traditional light sources, but its worst color rendering, color rendering index Ra is only about 20. So poor color rendering can only help the people aware of road conditions, and can not help pedestrians to clearly distinguish. LED color rendering index of up to 80 or so, basically close to natural light, the color rendering more realistic, and better able to reflect the color of the object itself. High color rendering LED's will no doubt help to identify the target of drivers and pedestrians, and to provide better conditions for passage of the same pavement brightness.

(4) Quick Start

Incandescent lamp is that light, but in fact the start-up time of approximately 0.1 to 0.2 seconds. High pressure sodium and metal halide discharge lamps require tens of seconds or even a tenth of the time, from the start to the stable light output need to wait for 3 to 6 minutes cooling closed before the start. LED startup time is only tens of nanoseconds (ns), nor is there a restart of the waiting time, in the continuous on / off status of the LED lamps can work properly.

(5) to facilitate optical design

Small size LED directional light, in the half-plane, in the design of the lamp can be approximately regarded as a point source, very suitable for using a lens or reflector optical design, ideal light distribution, to achieve a higher Lighting efficiency.

(6) modeling plasticity, firm structure

The shape of the LED street lights plasticity, can be embodied in the design the decorative and local cultural characteristics, and added value to add beauty and image of the city.

LED is a solid-state light sources, excluding glass and filament fragile parts. LED lamps through rational design, the structure can be made very strong.

(7) low-carbon environmental protection, especially suitable for the use of solar photovoltaic technology

Such as high pressure sodium discharge lamps contain mercury and other harmful substances cause serious long-term impact on the environment and water pollution, waste light source. LED chip and its package to meet the EU RoHS directive, mercury and lead and hazardous substances. LED waste can be recycled, and does not pollute the environment.

The LED DC drive characteristics, especially suitable for the use of solar photovoltaic technology, wind and solar technology used in road lighting, energy saving lighting in order to achieve real sense.

(8) has a total potential cost advantage

LED street lights Price is more than four times higher than the high-pressure sodium lamps. A 250W LED street light efficacy equivalent to a 400W high-pressure sodium lamps, but the former price of 6000 to 8000, which is only 1,500 yuan. However, LED street light high luminous efficiency and long life characteristics as long as able to give full play to recover the initial cost difference, you can rely on the savings in electricity and maintenance costs. With the LED lamp technology matures and the initial costs continue to decrease, the total cost of potential advantages will not take more than a long time will appear.
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