LED street light current problems
Although the LED street light with traditional street lights have some advantages, but very short due to the development time of the LED street light is still in the stage of experimentation and exploration, there are many problems some LED street light demonstration applications, did not achieve the expected results.

LED lights exist problems of varying degrees:

(1) the actual luminous efficiency is lower than the high-pressure sodium lamps, low surface brightness lighting effects, poor uniformity, "zebra" effect is more obvious, can only meet the lighting level is relatively low road, for example, the light pole in less than eight meters times roads.

(2) Color temperature is too high, glare, no comfort

(3) poor thermal performance, high temperature, resulting in light fades more serious deterioration of reliability.

(4) drives the poor performance of the power supply failure endless stream, from the early failure of the LED street light case, more than 95% of failures are caused by damage to the drive circuit.

(5) the cost is too high, a one-time investment is too large to become a major bottleneck to promote the use of.

(6) because there is no uniform standard LED lamp technology, the products of different manufacturers versatility poor, very difficult to maintain.

The reasons for these problems are many factors on both the technical aspects of thinking potential aspects.

In fact, LED lights is a systems engineering. Due essentially different LED light source and high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street light on the design method is radically different from the traditional street lights. In addition to the lighting design experience, designers need the performance of the LED has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding. Some lamp manufacturers in the case of LED road lighting production requirements and characteristics are not yet understood, the traditional street design ideas to design LED street lights, still use conventional "snakeheads" shape in shape, to apply the concept of the gas discharge lamp, that as long as some power LED emissions to meet the requirements of the road lighting lampholder. LED street light in accordance with the design and production of this line of thought, it is not possible to do the practical.
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