The development status of the road lighting
When people have night travel demand, road lighting. Modern road lighting begins with the emergence of incandescent lamps. Road lighting development with the development of the times, the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards. Requires only aware of road lighting pavement pedestrians or obstacles, to help people identify the road, and then to help the motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle drivers to identify the characteristics of pedestrians.

The fundamental purpose of the road lighting is good visual conditions for drivers and pedestrians, and guide them to the road, in order to improve transport efficiency, reduce nighttime traffic accidents and crime, while helping pedestrians to see the surrounding environment, identify the direction. With the continuous improvement of the socio-economic development and people's living standards, people to outdoor recreation, shopping, sightseeing and other activities at night, more and more, good the road lighting also plays a rich life, the role of economic prosperity and enhance the image of the city.

In accordance with the view of the lighting, the road can be divided into four categories: car road street, commercial streets and sidewalks. The road lighting generally speaking, represents the car road lighting. Many object in the road lighting for the driver of the vehicle to provide a safe and comfortable visual conditions first.

The earliest road lighting street lamps, high-pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and metal halide lamps, energy efficient lamps, electrodeless lamp and LED lights, etc. and later appeared in succession. More mature street light, the highest light efficiency of the HPS lamp, generally up to 100 ~ 120lm / W, the entire road lighting market (about 15 million) in the current high-pressure sodium lamps occupy more than 60% of the share . In some communities and rural roads on the main lighting source is the electronic energy-saving lamps (CFL), the road lighting accounts for about 20% of the market share. Traditional incandescent and high-pressure mercury lamp, is being phased out.
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