UAE lighting market size in 2013 will increase by 5%
The report released by the Emirates Industrial Research Center, UAE lighting market size of about $ 336 million, is expected to grow by 5% in 2013, an increase of 15% in 2014.

The -19 period between February 17, 2013, Dubai World Trade Center will be hosting the 2013 Middle East Electricity Exhibition. To promote the development of environmentally friendly lighting industry in the Gulf, the Saudi Al-Babtain Company (energy and communications professional company) will showcase the most advanced LED lighting technology during the 2013 Middle East Electricity Exhibition. LED lighting technology is the lighting technology of energy saving and environmental protection, energy savings of 70%, a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. LED lighting technology can be used in the place of the main roads, tunnels, bridges, and public facilities such as lighting equipment.

UAE residents and urbanization in recent years, the rapid development of the UAE state-owned enterprises began to emphasis on the advantages of the intelligent lighting system to control carbon dioxide emissions, energy conservation and environmentally conscious products.

Dubai plans to build the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid solar power plants, installed capacity of up to 1000 MW in 2030 to become the world's largest solar power station, the station will be built. Additionally Dubai install solar panels on top of the building, up to 2500 megawatts of electricity production in 2030.

Lighting industry, energy consumption accounts for 15% of total energy consumption in Dubai, is about 1,500 MW, thereby increasing the energy efficiency, diversification of energy sources, in order to ensure the future sustainable development.
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