LED lights in the next few years will become the mainstream demand
Launched the LED lighting for many years due to the high cost, place and street for a long time been used in medical and hotel requires a 24-hour lighting lighting areas, other areas due to price reasons have been unable to scale to enter. However, this year and next year may be a turning point.

2012 LED Lighting price cuts very fast, which makes LED lighting is rapidly into various application areas. NXP Semiconductors (NXP), director of marketing of lighting products in Greater China Wang Yongbin told reporters before their analysis, and we found a new trend, that is, non-dimmable LED lighting products popular with Asians like, including Japan and South Korea and other developed countries also favor non-dimmable products, which may be related to the use habits. Europeans and Americans prefer dimmer lighting. "This LED industry is a good news, because now, the price of non-dimmable IC cheaper than adjustable optical IC prices by about half, while the IC is still the cost is the most important part of the entire LED fixtures accounted for. Wang Yongbin then added: "We found another trend continued LED bulb and lamp series LED lamps in the next two years will start to become mainstream demand." So, the next two years, NXP LED semiconductor programs providers will focus on non-dimming high-power lamps on the market, because of the huge growth potential of the Asian region.

Apart from the above trend, Wang Yongbin particular, to disclose the current lighting manufacturers for demanding power factor, because many countries, including China, specifically requested certain lighting the FP is greater than 0.9, and be a standard product subsidies. "For example, in China's energy-saving projects in the bidding for the FP plus two points greater than 0.9, and the Chinese government will give up posts in the European Energy Star requirements, when a power greater than 25W lighting when, FP must be greater than 0.9. "He pointed out that the program of some IC manufacturers to achieve high power factor from the outside to control implementation, which will increase the cost, while NXP chip, not only to facilitate the design, and also reduced costs. "Like SSL2109A controller, thanks to a dedicated circuit, can achieve FP is greater than 0.9 and less peripheral, is designed to be simple and convenient." For example, he said.

The same integrated high voltage MOSFET product family for non-dimming Another SSL21081 (A) / 83 (A), high integration, fewer external components requires only 14 overall lower cost, due to the integrated MOSFET, efficiency more than 95%. However, this scenario FP can do greater than 0.7. "SSL21081 (A) / 83 (A) 5% current accuracy control of output and 95% efficiency, fully protective function and built-in flexible and reliable features, to ensure the lowest cost of system components by the user of the Asia welcomes , will be the flagship product in the next two years. "he explained, not all IC companies are high-voltage MOSFET integrated into the controller, NXP high voltage the SOI insulation process, good heat dissipation can be achieved, for efficient integrated high-voltage MOSFET lighting. For some companies integrated 750V of MOSFETs, NXP only integrated to 600V MOSFETs, Wang Yongbin explain, from a look at the current and recent the integrated 600VMOSFET enough, brought an increase in waste and cost.

And for the next two years, will become the mainstream of the high-power LED lighting market, NXP severe before launch of the SSL4120, which is an integrated power factor correction (PFC) GreenChip? Half-bridge resonant controller can support up to 400W of high power LED application, currently in volume production, the sample is also forthcoming. The SSL4120 completely support mains applications, to support the efficient start directly from the rectified universal mains voltage range of 90-305 volts. In addition, it supports less than 10% of the low total harmonic distortion (THD), higher than the 0.97 high power factor (PF) and the typical PFC 380 kHz frequency, to meet and exceed the traditional requirements of high-power LED lighting applications. SSL4120 can be widely used in high-power LED applications, such as office lighting, shopping malls lighting, high-bay and low bay lighting, parking lot lighting, square lighting and LED street lighting.
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