LED bulb prices slightly decreased by 2% to 6% in July
LED industry research institute LEDinside exposure of LED lighting products on the market has increased significantly. Chinese market, for example, in May 2011, shot in the network path Taobao on the number of LED bulb is very little, but in June 2011, a rapid increase in the number of July or even thousands of models have LED bulb The merchandise is sold in the above.

LEDinside recently in major world markets for used to replace traditional 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs warm white LED bulbs retail price to do the survey, the survey results show that replace traditional 40W incandescent LED bulbs average retail price came to $ 24 in July, more than fell 2% in June; replace traditional 60W incandescent average retail price came to $ 45, also fell by 6% compared with June.

LEDinside price in July 2011, the price decline most obvious in Europe, the average price fell more than 2-digit percentage, the cause of its decline in product prices to make minor adjustments in addition to exchange rate factors and the original brand manufacturers. the main factors from the second-tier brand new product was added to our shock, making the average price to decline significantly.

The obvious market followed by falling prices in Japan, the the LED bulb average price decline of about 5%, followed by the U.S. market, The Korean market LED bulb prices were flat compared to the state.

Replace 60W incandescent bulbs grade average price of $ 45, will continue to edge lower

LED bulbs to replace traditional 60W incandescent bulbs, the average retail price is $ 45, its unit price fell 6% in June. The price decline is most obvious in Japan, with an average price decline of about 7%. Although the average price of $ 45 to your side for many consumers, but the market has more consumers to the acceptable price LED bulb come on the market, increased consumer selectivity. But their product quality is still need the test of time, marked also not yet accurate and standardized product specifications.

LEDinside pointed out, continued to decline as the price of LED bulbs, the price of per thousand lumens luminous flux followed by stable slipped. LED bulbs to replace traditional 40W incandescent lamp, in July, the average price per thousand lumens is $ 52; LED bulbs to replace traditional 60W incandescent, the average price is $ 55 per thousand lumens.
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