How to solve the LED light tube dazzling and spot problems
In recent years, the strengthening of public awareness of energy saving LED lighting technology matures, to some extent, facilitated the initial formation of the LED lighting market, and there is a growing trend. LED lights on the market, however, has also exposed an intractable problem, the LED's dazzling and spot light directional problem.

For LED dazzling problems, the manufacturers are using a variety of methods, with brushed PC mask with frosted masks using special phosphor material, but these methods are not ideal, drawing mask can eliminate glare, but spot phenomenon is more serious, a slightly longer time in this lamp eye fatigue, long hours this lamp with the eyes, but also lead to eye astigmatism; while using frosted and milky white mask optical loss too much, is very poor.

LED lighting is a market has a bright future in the industry have suggested that engineers just formed in this market, concerned about the efficiency of LED lamps, the luminous flux and the life outside, do not ignore the problem of LED lighting comfort.

However, using optical diaphragm, eyes intuitive observation feeling of each LED is brighter, but not dazzling, the diaphragm LED light tube becomes more uniform, and the viewing angle is significantly wider. This diaphragm works is to hash irradiation the diaphragm above LED point light source into surface light source uniform output so that you can solve the problem of glare spot and widen the illuminated area. Addition, the diaphragm transmittance rate of more than 90 control limited impact.

Using optical diaphragm, not only can eliminate the LED spot specific, and can also widen the irradiation angle. Since the LED light tube is a regular arrangement of two rows or three rows, so each point between the light source emits light there will be voids, so that within a certain distance on the generation of a flare; optical diaphragm, optical diaphragm point light source of the incident light is uniformly diffused become divergent light source emits light becomes very uniform, completely solve the spot to solve problems.

In addition, LED light-emitting directional strong irradiation angle of about 120 degrees, it is easy to produce lighting blind spot; optical film, optical film, the unique diffusion can light irradiation range expanded to about 180 degrees, so you can effectively eliminate lighting blind spot.

LED tube optical diaphragm, LED light tubeing can make the same number in the same area of ​​space, the diaphragm LED tube absence of irradiation blind spots, light uniformity, lighting effects are much more than ordinary LED tube. And the required lighting area is larger, this advantage is more obvious.
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