LED lighting technology trends in the future
LED compact and lightweight, the driving voltage is low, full-color, long life, high efficiency, resistance to vibration, easy to control optical characteristics such as to provide favorable conditions for the design of lighting systems used in different places and the purpose of. People used to looking at things in the daylight for general lighting, people need the light source is close to the quality of sunlight, the white LED is an important indicator of the semiconductor lighting technology. Due to the small single LED power, brightness low, and should not be used alone, and this must be multiple LED assembly together design become practical LED lighting systems. White LED general lighting requirements, there is a certain distance but there are still many technical and cost issues need to be resolved.

The main technical overview of the semiconductor lighting system

1) lighting system thermal management

Usually LED is often called cold light, this is because the principle of the LED light emitting electrons through the composite directly emitted photon, without the need to heat the process. However, due to the presence of Joule heating, LED glowing heat accompanied and applications for high power and multiple LED occasions, calories add up and can not be underestimated, LED is different from the traditional incandescent, fluorescent and other lighting source, The high temperature will shorten, or even termination of their service life. LED is a temperature sensitive device, when the temperature rises, the sharp decline in the efficiency of the system structure design and cooling technology development of LED applications are faced with the subject. Forced air cooling is usually the light source is not desirable, With the improvement of the input electrical power, heat sinks and other enhanced natural convection cooling methods play an increasingly important role in the LED lights and light design.

2) to improve the color rendering properties

The current widespread use of white LED the hair blue LED superimposed excited by the blue yellow yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) phosphor, synthetic white. Since its emission spectrum contains only two spectral blue, yellow, so there is a high color temperature, color rendering index low, does not meet the general lighting requirements. The sensitivity of the human eye to the color difference is considerably higher than the strength of the light sensitivity, and for lighting purposes, the color rendering properties of the light source is often more important than the luminous efficiency. Therefore, adding an appropriate amount of the phosphor emitting red light and can maintain a higher luminous efficiency is an important issue in the white LED lighting.

3) secondary optical design of the lighting system

Traditional lamp incandescent, fluorescent light source for a long time as the reference to determine the standard of optical and shape of the lamp, LED lighting systems shall be considered abandoned traditional lighting with LED light module assembly, take full account of its optical properties, the LED light source specifically design different lamps. The optical system is designed mainly include the following aspects: (1) according to the lighting object, flux demand, determine the shape of the optical system, the size of the number of LED and power; (3) several LED light tube combination design into a point light source, ring light or The surface light source of the secondary light source, and combined into a secondary light source, the illumination optical system is calculated; (3) constituting the illumination optical system design of the secondary light source on each LED tube light distribution control is very important.

Concentrated beam emitted by the LED, easier to control, and does not require a reflector condenser, helps to reduce the depth of the lamp. For example, the use of the plane mirror optical system, can only be 1 to 2 LED can illuminate the large surface, while thin lamps depth; while the use of optical technology, the LEDs are mounted directly next to the light guide light source and the other groups can be greatly reduced the volume occupied by the pieces, made of ultra-thin lighting.
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