Christmas decorative lighting export certification and use tips
As we all know, Christmas is for Western countries such as the Lunar New Year for the Chinese people is just as important. Whenever Christmas approaches, the Western countries accustomed to every household in the home, inside and outside dress up to meet this major festival. Which, decorative lamps heighten the festive atmosphere, is one of the essential goods each family will buy.

See this market opportunity, many lighting manufacturers have invested in the production and manufacturing of Christmas decorative lamps, poured into the already huge market.

However, the presence of fire, electric shock and other safety hazards due to the lamps, the Western countries have strict requirements for the quality and safety of decorative lamps. And consumers in the procurement, also will select those who have passed the test and certification of third party, such as CSA Group and affixed with the authority of the certification mark of the products, in order to be assured that use.

Decorative fixtures certification requirements

Festive decorative lamps can be divided into two categories, decorative light string and decorative style lamps. Decorative light string includes indoor incandescent light strings, outdoor incandescent light string, indoor LED string lights, outdoor LED light strings. Decorative styling lights, including the of indoor modeling lights and outdoor modeling lights.

For these two types of products, the certification requirements. In general, decorative light string with flower shell with certification, and decorative products generally require assembly modeling lights string lights have been certified to apply. Compared to indoor products, testing and certification, the certification body would be more concerned about the outdoor festival decorative lights, anti freezing shocks, waterproof and leakage to avoid causing threat to the personal safety of users.

North American market, the certification standards for Christmas lamps have two, one for the Canadian market, CSA C22.2 No.37 "General Requirements of the Christmas tree and other lighting components", the other is for the U.S. market ANSI / UL 588 "seasonal and holiday decorations safety standards, two different standard product structure requirements, mainly in the light string structure, plastic material as well as the wires,

LED decorative lamps gradually on the rise

LED lighting is a hot market. Traditional decorative lamp power consumption not distinctive, gloss, LED decorative lamps with energy-efficient, high brightness and durable characteristics, is the development trend of the future. More and more manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to the production of LED Christmas lights, grasp the psychology of consumers want to find a energy-saving products, setting off an environmental green wind.

Similarly, producers of LED Christmas lights also need to be taken to ensure that the product through the testing and certification requirements of the target market, to prove that the product complies with the requirements of the applicable standards, to smooth export and attract the attention of consumers.

Testing and certification, usually more concerned about the product fairing adequacy resistance -35 ° C low temperature, the fairing plastic shell is too fragile, rectifier unit the internal adequacy sealed waterproof, the resistance is too high and the power too low, and whether they have good low-voltage light strings of power output overload protection as well as the housing meets outdoor requirements.

Tips of the procurement and use of Christmas lights

Procurement by certified high-quality Christmas lighting products to protect the personal safety festival is only one aspect; the other hand, consumers should also install and use great care to avoid damage due to improper use. For the purchase, installation and use of Christmas lights, CSA Group has the following recommendations:

Quality products: If you choose to buy a real tree, make sure it is not dry, fresh tree is not easy to cause a fire risk. If you choose the artificial tree with lamps, you will need to purchase the product certification mark and confirm whether the production of fireproof materials.

Replacement of obsolete products in a timely manner: detailed examination every year to deal with the existing lamps, and replace those power cord is damaged, of lampholders broken or loose equipment in a timely manner. And replacement of lamps Note power failure to prevent the risk of electric shock, and to ensure that the new bulbs match the voltage and power relative.

Remember safety first: fragile items placed on the outside of the reach of children and pets, and to ensure that they do not take the light string as a toy. Select fire type layout, is not flammable material near open flame. Do not light strings or extension cords nailed to the wall, as this may damage the insulation, leading to the risk of explosion or fire. Fixed string lights, try to use the insulation fasteners, do not use metal nails.

Timely removal of the layout: outdoor string lights use seasonal products, long-term is likely to lead to the risk of explosion or fire in extreme temperatures or harsh climate. Therefore, after the end of the holiday, it should be timely removal of the related arrangement, and follow the instructions to save the product in the package for the use of the coming year.

As a well-known North American Christmas lighting testing and certification bodies, CSA Group broad range of testing and certification Christmas lighting products, including LED light source shell with all kinds of flowers and traditional light source light strings, all kinds of 2D, 3D modeling lights (including animal gift boxes, stars, candles, etc.), Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, decorated with fiber or audible device of three-dimensional doll.
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