LED will mass into the interior lighting market
With the progress of semiconductor lighting technology, LED lighting products have begun to enter the field of indoor lighting. LED large-scale White interior lighting market How far? Will experienced what stage? Enterprise should be how to develop?

LED indoor lighting products market share in 2020, or up to 50%

For affected by many factors, and the rapid development of the mainland LED indoor lighting market, it is difficult to accurately predict the market share of its products, and interview a lot of people think that to the 2012 market share of LED interior lighting or up to 10%, 2015, or 30%, to 2020 or up to 50%. The OSRAM believe LED interior lighting market share in 2020, or 50%, and the the the huge LED design space, expanding in the size of the lighting market will also be driven by the development of the relevant market, the overall market is huge.

Although you can see a variety of indoor lighting products, but it seems a lot of people in the industry, as a new light source, the mainland LED indoor lighting market has just started, LED indoor lighting products and related technologies, norms standard consumer attitudes will take some time to develop, LED interior lighting process, product, and so is not mature enough, and also not suitable for large-scale promotion.

For the stage of development of the the mainland LED interior lighting, Sichuan Sony source Limited, executive vice president Zhang believes that the LED interior lighting is still in the technical preparation stage, this stage will last two to three years. With increased consumer awareness of LED lighting products after the primary stage of promotion will be entering a relatively mature product specification, the establishment of the standard system, Production mature. After 2015, with the recovery of the world economy, the consumer economy improve endurance, as well as by the impact of the energy shortage, raising electricity prices can be expected that the promotion of LED indoor lighting products will be faster. 'LED interior lighting products to the 2025 market share may reach 70% to 80%,' Zhang said.

2014 outbreak of LED bulbs opportunities will be quite strong momentum

The mainland LED indoor lighting is mainly decorative lighting, such as entertainment, commercial lighting and public lighting such as underground parking, star hotel corridors, not really into the huge market of ordinary household lighting. The main indoor lighting products are commercial fluorescent lights, downlights, spotlights, replace incandescent bulb lights, freezers lights. The semiconductor lighting technology standards working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information deputy head of the Peng Wan-hua pointed out that, according to some foreign countries the development of LED interior lighting plan, it is expected that the main push from 2010-2012 commercial lighting, and from 2012-2015, the main push for general lighting ordinary household lighting. From a technical point of view, the quality of light, such as light color and so on is not very good, and home lighting light demanding, in recent years, should be encouraged residential lighting.

As the development trend of the future lighting, LED indoor lighting, large-scale entry process is what? Many LED indoor lighting products, LED light bulb is an important form of one. Billiton Research Institute of the global light bulb market, the bulb market short term at least to 2017, are the traditional light source, incandescent, fluorescent, and new light sources such as LED bulbs to dominate the market. LED bulbs needed after a period of time substitution mainstream traditional and energy-saving light source, LED bulbs still in the market introduction phase.

Expected in 2014 after the outbreak of the LED light bulb business opportunities will be quite strong demand in 2018 will be significantly ahead of the fluorescent lamps and other light sources.

Overall, the growth of the LED bulbs in the lighting market is broadly divided into three stages: before 2012, incandescent, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps will be the main light source of the lamp lighting, and LED high prices in the demonstration phase. replace incandescent. In 2012-2014, the implementation of the order with the the global incandescent FMCT disabled policy, incandescent lamps in the market will gradually disappear after 2012. This stage, the energy-saving lamp market is expected to begin to enter the the growing peak period, will occupy a major share of the lighting market. But is expected to 2014 LED bulbs will replace incandescent, fluorescent and other substantial entered a mature period. At the same time, the cost of the LED bulbs are declining, the price decline will be faster With manufacturers increasing in recent years in the LED, the LED market outbreak also may be 1 to 2 years in advance.

LED interior lighting market prospects Needless to say, the face of the future of the market, the mainland enterprise should be how to act when the time? 'Patents, technology research should be strengthened, but also some publicity, raise consumer awareness of LED. It should also be promoting the standardization, standardization, and ultimately so that consumers can choose between 20 to 50 standard products, rather than choose between thousands of standard products, otherwise consumers will not be able to find replacement products is very troublesome. 'ZHANG says. NVC Lighting R & D center in Shanghai general manager detailed, enterprises, enterprises should strengthen its own research and development efforts to master the technology more core competitiveness. Second to really stop and good products.
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