Wal-Mart LED lighting retrofits annual electricity savings of nearly $ 7.6 million
Honeywell announced that its Ex-Or LED lighting technology once again won the retail giant Wal-Mart in China 40 supermarket green lighting renovation project.Wal-Mart's 100 supermarkets in China last year successfully using Honeywell's innovative lighting technology. 40 new supermarkets means that Wal-Mart in China, nearly half of the stores will be LED energy-efficient lighting systems. This new LED orders worth about twelve million U.S. dollars.

China is quickly eliminated the import and sale of general lighting incandescent. At the same time, LED lighting, energy-saving alternatives are increasingly favored by retail, customer service centers and large factories and other large electricity. These large electricity in urgent need of a higher quality lighting environment to enhance work efficiency and customer shopping pleasure.

Starting in 2008, Honeywell fully participate in the transformation and implementation of the Wal-Mart in China's energy-saving lighting solutions, including the main lighting and freezer lighting, fresh lighting, outdoor advertising license out its supermarket's most advanced and comprehensive [url=http://www.simaoled.com/]LED lighting products[/url] and solutions. According to the the tariff comparison before and after the transformation of 100 supermarkets, a large Wal-Mart annual savings of nearly 100 million kWh, equivalent to saving 1,200 barrels of crude oil. After the complete transformation of 100 shops, Wal-Mart annual electricity savings of nearly $ 7.6 million, accounting for 50% of the cost of the original lighting, accounting for 15% of the overall tariff.

It is based on early cooperation brought a significant return on investment,, and Honeywell reliable product quality and quality of service, Wal-Mart decided to add the 40 supermarket lighting system energy-saving projects continue handed Honeywell. According to preliminary accounts, each store will be realized in the transformation of the annual electricity savings of about $ 128,000, two and a half years to recover their investment costs.
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