LED lamps to do CE certification necessity
LED lamps CE certification testing products for countries to trade in the European market provides a unified technical specification to simplify trade procedures. Product of any country to enter the EU, the European Free Trade Area of ​​the need for CE certification, to affix the CE mark on the product. CE certification is the product passes to enter the markets of the EU and EFTA countries. CE certification means that the product has reached the safety requirements of the EU directives; business-to-consumer and a commitment to increase consumer trust; affixed with a CE mark the product will reduce the risk of sales in the European market, Note CE certification must be authorized in the EU announcement institution. These risks include the following:

· Detained by Customs and investigate risk;

· Investigate and deal with the risks of market oversight bodies;

· Counterparts allegations risk for competitive purposes.

The CE certification detection LED lamps

LED lamps CE certification test items (lighting products are the same standard) detection point the following five areas: EMC-EN55015 EMC-EN61547 LVD-EN60598 with rectifier LVD generally do EN61347, EN61000-3 -2/-3 (test harmonic).

CE is by EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) + LVD (Low Voltage Directive). EMC and EMI (interference) + EMC (anti-jamming), LVD popular terms SAFETY safety, general low AC is less than 50V DC less than 75V can not do LVD project. Low Voltage Products only with test EMC, CE-EMC certificate, high voltage products need to test the EMC and LVD, a duplicate certificate and report CE-EMC CE-LVD.

EMC the (battery compatible) - EMC test standards (EN55015, EN61547), test items include the following aspects: 1.radiation 2.conduction 3.SD 4.CS 5.RS 6. EFT.

LVD (Low Voltage Directive)-LVD testing standards (EN60598), test items include the following aspects: 1. Failure (test) 2. Impact. Vibration. Impact 5. Clearances creepage distance 7. Electric shock 8 fever 9. overload 10. temperature rise test.

The CE is representative of the product has met European safety / health / environmental / health series of standards and directives Mark. All products sold in the EU market should be mandatory to do the CE certification.
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