EU comprehensive ban on the sale of incandescent bulbs
According to foreign media reported recently, the European Union, in December 31, 2012, stop selling the invention in the late nineteenth century, the incandescent bulb, the lighting market is dominated by compact fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps and LED energy-saving lamps.

To reduce energy consumption in 2008, the European Union to develop a timetable to gradually restrict the sale of incandescent light bulbs, planned before the end of 2012 to prohibit the sale of all incandescent. The latest survey shows that incandescent bulbs in 2007 accounted for a share of the lighting market in France has reached 45%, has been reduced to 10% in 2012, halogen lamps accounted for 46%, compact fluorescent lamps 36%,LED energy-saving lamps accounted for 8% . LED energy-saving lamps consume less energy, long life, and has a bright future. According to the survey, in 2011, the LED energy-saving lamps in the world market share of 12%, is expected to be increased to 40% in 2016, to 63% in 2020, its sales will reach 100 billion euros.
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