Panasonic launched CLEAR LED dual-use bulbs
In Japan, due to the the incandescent energy efficiency is too low, has banned the production of incandescent light that warm the hearts of a lot of people still miss. Retained under this precious special light sources and improve energy efficiency, Panasonic decided to combine incandescent and LED, so CLEAR LED was born.
Panasonic engineers said, is the perfect combination of incandescent and LED lighting. Miss with a warm atmosphere, and also can reduce the energy consumption. The development of the first object of the present invention "-like state" and "the diffusion of light.

Since the LED is linear light source, so the light is difficult to diffusion. LED light bulbs usually are translucent to let light open to expansion and the installation of a reflective plate. However, due to reproduce the incandescent light, translucent that is not going to work. To resolve this problem, codenamed LDA4LC filament into the line of sight of the developers.

The LED lights are built into the fixed water green translucent panels above plus yellow phosphor. CLEAR LED and how? The answer is that the phosphors are two transparent substrates loaded middle was sandwich-like surface is very smooth, so as to restore the incandescent soft warm light.
In order to restore the effect of the incandescent lamp, the light source position and the older incandescent identical. Two thin pillars and energized conductors are completely consistent. The goal is addition to the luminous body changed to LED, other are exactly the same.
As light bulbs, there is little need to address energy efficiency. LED light bulb is usually a large heat sink is covered, so that the heat is not lost at the same time increase LED life. However, Panasonic CLEAR LED filament is floating in mid-air, and had large cooling plate can not be used. The production team simply adopted a new white resin sandwiched between the filament and the pillars of the gap.
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