LED bulbs retail price fell to expand in North America at December 2012
According to the research institutions DRAMeXchange (TrendForce)'s LEDinside latest LED bulbs retail price survey shows in December this year (2012), the global LED bulbs retail price continued to show fluctuating trends. U.S. new items more, the prices decline most obvious. Replace 40W LED bulbs retail price presents approximately 0.2% in December 2012 rose slightly, to $ 18.7. LED light bulbs to replace 60W part, the global average price presents fell 3.9%, to $ 30.9.

Replace the traditional 40-watt incandescent bulb goods, the global price fluctuations

LEDinside said, the global replace 40W LED bulbs retail price presents approximately 0.2% in December 2012 rose slightly, to $ 18.7. Britain and Germany in December prices were presented rose 4.6% and 5.9%. The two original commodity prices rise slightly, and the exchange rate decline also lead to higher prices. Korean brands such as Samsung and LG products remained lower price. Japan replace 40W average commodity prices show about 1.9% decline, the slight fluctuations of the original commodity prices, mainly due to the exchange rate rose, causing prices to decline, the area No new items. In addition, the average price of U.S. goods in December showed a more obvious decline, down 8.1%, mainly due to the new low-cost items on the market more. Korea prices were 1.1% in December rose slightly, the original commodity prices basically unchanged, causing prices to rise due to exchange rate fell this month, no new items.

Replace the traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb goods, new listing price goes low

The global average price presented in December to replace the 60W LED bulb fell 3.9%, to $ 30.9. Most obvious decline in the price of the United States, a decline of 13.4%, the original commodity prices stable fell, and the new brand merchandise, such as Samsung and other products lower prices. Japan prices showed a 7.7% decline in December, to $ 32.8. The original commodity prices were slightly lower, another exchange rate rose also lead to lower prices to replace 60W goods part of this month No new items. South Korea region prices showed a 1.1% rose slightly, the original commodity prices did not change and lead to higher prices, mainly due to the exchange rate falls, no new items this month. In addition, the UK price presents 4.1% rise in the original commodity prices rose slightly, and the exchange rate fell also cause prices to rise. Germany in December prices showed a 3.2% decline, the slight fluctuations of the original commodity prices, while some high-priced products to temporarily withdraw from the market resulting in the average price fell.

Benefit from the favorable policies and the impact of lower-priced goods in Korea University, U.S. and European markets is expected to accelerate the development of benign

LEDinside observed in December to replace 40W and replaces 60W LED bulbs average price fell markedly, in addition to the original commodity prices continued to fall, the new listing of products such as the EcoSmart Samsung brand prices were lower. Samsung has launched in the European market in November's 10.8-watt LED bulb to replace traditional 60W incandescent, luminous flux of 810 lumens, this section bulbs in the U.S. market price is only about $ 15 in December, basically located in the United States the major brands bulb retail Price lowest point. LEDinside optimistic about the potential and development of the European and American markets due to the maturing and increased competition in the local market, the Korean-brand, and price advantage hoping to seize the market. This strategy can also help enhance the brand diversity of the U.S. and European markets, to accelerate competition to promote the development of the regional market of LED bulbs.

In addition, the EU countries a total ban on the of incandescent sales policy was implemented on January 1, 2013. LEDinside that the incandescent delisting role in promoting the development of the LED light bulb market in Europe will become more apparent, and with the mitigation of the debt crisis, the gradual recovery in consumer acceptance of LED bulbs and purchasing power, expected in 2013, the regional market will accelerate the sound development and mature.
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