Five major trends of the global LED market in 2013
In 2012, the world economy remains in the doldrums, affected by the global LED lighting market, sluggish growth, while the mainland civil demand start to take some time, the entire industry is subjected to the "winter" of baptism. Apply the commonly used phrase "If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Information: 2013 LED signs that the recovery of the global market is emerging. Many research institutions and the industry generally optimistic forecast that in 2013 the global LED market overall warmer, and presents five major trends.
2013 global LED output value or by 12% year-on-year
The global LED market demand-driven by a handheld device and LED lighting products, forecast 2013 global LED production value will reach $ 12.4 billion, compared with 2012 growth of 12%. Dynamic in the industry, due to the status of the overall LED industry oversupply still can not solve the short term, each LED manufacturers are seeking new applications and strategic alliances to ensure order and improve profit margins.
2013 LED packaging costs continue to fall
The information LED packaging used in lighting market in 2012, the output value of about $ 2.66 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 2011, a growth of 23.5%. LED packaging used in the highest proportion of the architectural landscape lighting or projection lamps, light bulbs and other indoor lighting. However, in the case of the LED package prices falling, national lighting market demand gradually by the the advance import and price incentives to gradually open. LED light bulb market in the world, equivalent to 40W incandescent LED bulbs retail lowest price in South Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom have been in 2012 reached $ 10 sweet spot, making consumers for the purchase of LED lamps will gradually improve. 2013 cost a continued downward trend will become more apparent.
2013, the output value of the global LED lighting penetration rate of 2 percent
Global environmental consciousness, LED lighting has become one of the major development policies of many countries, to help LED lighting output significantly enhance the promotion of the national policy force. Countries to promote LED lighting project, LED bulbs will give priority to import one of the products, if not to consider the technical distinction, global light bulb market capacity is about 20 billion. It is important to note that CFL bulbs still has a lot of advantages, although the 2011 LED bulbs penetration rate is only about 3%, will reach 600 million, but the absolute number of entered the phase-out schedule; 2013 with 40W and 60W traditional bulb , estimated market size of up to 2.5 billion LED bulbs.
2012 LED manufacturers such as Philips (Philips), Osram (Osram), Cree the main general lighting market, and many countries have begun to compile a budget and krypton change LED lights, coupled with LED lighting to reach more than 30% annual price decline , estimated that in 2013 the global LED lighting output value further enhance the penetration to 20%.
Large-size, high-resolution drive the demand for LED backlight
The data show that the demand for large-size, high-resolution panel will drive the demand for 2013 LED-backlit. Japan and Korean series the smartphone brand began to use the 4.7 and 5-inch panel, panel size increase makes the LED backlight quantity increased to 10 from 6 to 8 terms of the smartphone market size of about 870 million in 2013, The intelligent the phone backlight output value will reach the size of $ 710 million.
TV size continued to enlarge, 50-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch specific gravity will gradually increase, coupled with the product launch of high-definition TV, will drive the LED backlight increase in the average number of pieces, large-size TV as the main design side into models way, the number of 50 to 60-inch side into models of LCD TV LED backlight use has reached 130 to 150. TV size 70 inches above the future will use more number. In addition, high-resolution 4K2K (3,840 * 2,160) TV panel is launched, the need to increase the brightness of the LED backlight module demand TV of the same size, the use of LED backlighting quantity will increase by 3 to 5 percent range.
LED emerging market demand for heating
Looking ahead to 2013, the industry believes that, due to the awareness of environmental protection and the government vigorously promote the rapid penetration of LED lighting in emerging markets such as Russia, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, those countries or regions due to the high heat infrastructure investment, as well as more mature markets in the economic performance of a larger room to grow, there are significant signs of warming, the demand for LED lighting products will become another trend of the global LED market in 2013.

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