Scientists invented color efficient silicon-based light-emitting diode(LED)
According to the latest reports, the silicon nanocrystals of only a few nanometers in size, but has a high potential for light-emitting. Now, researchers from the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Toronto, Canada, with the silicon nanocrystals, successfully produced a highly efficient silicon-based light-emitting diodes (SiLEDs), free of heavy metals, was able to launch a variety of colors of light. A research report published in a recent issue of Nano Letters journal.

Silicon in microelectronics and photovoltaic industry occupies a dominant position, But for a long time has been considered not suitable for the manufacture of light-emitting diodes. However, at the nanoscale is not the correct atoms consisting of hundreds of tiny silicon nanocrystals can produce light, but also have great potential for efficient light emitters. To date, the manufacture of silicon-based light emitting diode, has been limited to the visible spectral range in the red and near infrared, thus manufactured may issue a color light emitting diode can be described as absolutely novel.

KIT scientists found that the diode emits light color can be changed by using different sizes of monodisperse nanoparticles. By dark red spectral region is tuned to the orange region of the spectrum, the external quantum efficiency can reach 1.1%. It is worth mentioning, made of silicon-based light-emitting diode has a surprisingly long-term stability, which had never realized before. The increase in life of the operating component is because using only the nano-particles of the same size, which can effectively enhance the stability of the device of the sensitive film, which may result in excessively large particles of the short circuit were excluded.

Cikuan color silicon-based light-emitting diode also has the advantage that does not contain any heavy metals. With other cadmium selenide, cadmium sulfide or lead sulfide research team, the research team of the silicon nanoparticles completely non-toxic, and silicon is abundant on Earth, low-cost, more conducive to further silicon-based light-emitting diode development.

In addition, the conspicuous aspect of the new light-emitting diode in the homogeneity of its light-emitting region. The researchers said that the liquid processing of silicon light-emitting diodes, or made large quantities at low cost, the nanoparticles "group" will also enter a new field correlation potential is difficult to estimate, and textbooks on semiconductor components may will be rewritten.
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