Cree 276 lm / W luminous efficiency refresh power type LED R & D record again
Cree has announced that the white power type LED light efficiency refresh again the highest in the industry to reach 276 lm / W. To the record breaking the Cree in April last year, achieved 254 lm / W R & D results.

Used by the third generation of Cree lighting-class XLamp ® LED Cree innovative SC ³ technology platform (ie, the third generation of silicon carbide technology), is critical of the Cree made ​​the core of the R & D results. The innovative SC ³ technology platform uses Cree's industry-leading silicon carbide (SiC) technology, demonstrate the superior characteristics of the LED chip structure and fluorescent conversion, and matching the latest packaging technology, so as to provide the industry with the most advanced LED devices.

Career development report shows, the LED luminous efficiency of 276 lm / W in a correlated color temperature of 4,401 K and 350 mA drive current conditions, the measured. John Edmond, Cree co-founder of one of the advanced photoelectric Division Director, said: "The core of the culture of the Cree R & D is to push relentlessly innovation the final popularity of LED lighting. Innovative laboratory Cree Cree lighting-class XLamp LED lighting applications ® LED foundation of more high-performance LED can not only help to achieve better ideas and better results, but also be able to effectively reduce the LED design and cost of the overall solution. "
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