Uncharted Play Company developed a Generate electricity football
Eight Harvard University graduates of the Uncharted Play company's research team invented football can generate electricity, and the electricity it produces is available for a small LED continuous lighting. The researchers named the football "SOCCKET", the football there is a pendulum. When the football rolling, the pendulum will not stop swinging, and gather kinetic energy,and then a generator connected there to converted to a rechargeable battery. After 30 minutes of exercise, the power of football will be able to supply an LED light to three hours continuous lighting.

In addition, this football is made ​​of airtight,waterproof vinyl bubble, which means it is very durable, and can for the most intense football game. This football than the normal football only heavy one ounce, its inventor wants to distribute the football to the poverty-stricken areas as a sustainable off-grid power supply. Now SOCCKET has been transported to the poverty-stricken areas of South America and North America. Many can not be used to stabilize the electricity the family and teach students knowledge of energy teachers have begun to use this football.

Today,week hundreds of football is to produce, but the research team also hopes to sell this football through the United States all the chips platform Kickstarter addition, Uncharted Play has launched a fund-raising activities, the goal is to raise funds to buy more more equipment to increase production.
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