Cree launch price is lower than $ 14 household LED lighting
LED light than traditional bulbs power saving 80% and the service life of up to 10 years, a variety of advantages, however, because of the price is too high, LED light bulbs has not yet been successfully penetrated the home lighting market.

According to the survey, at Home Depot website, instead of 60W LED bulb prices from 14.97 to 47.97 U.S. dollars, while the general incandescent bulbs $ 0.40.

In view of this situation, the U.S. LED lighting manufacturer CREE decided to change its policy for the general mass market launch of the new LED bulbs, expect that consumers are willing to home use LED lights will influence into the field of office lighting.

Harvard Business School Professor Joffe (David Yoffie) LED lights can be theoretical doubts about the universal family to the workplace, he said, because you spend years of time to see the benefits of LED.

LED light prices have slipped over the past, but still high-water industry has actively launched a more affordable product. Philips in recent weeks launched the alternative 60WLED bulb, asking price $ 14.97, is expected to be launched by the end of the price is less than $ 10 LED lights. Cree new alternative of 40W and 60W LED lamp prices are less than $ 14.

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