Visible Lighting Encourage the Use of LED in Theatres

 According to an article posted in University paper The Crimson White on the 19th of September, the University was able to begin refitting their drama and dance studios with the new bulbs last year after receiving funding. Having completed the installation, the students can now use a contemporary system that benefits from less heat and less energy expenditure. Director of the lighting design programme William Teague was excited to receive the new lights after years of waiting for lighting engineers to create a LED bright enough for use in a theatre and said, “It was only a matter of overcoming the technological barrier.”

Typical theatrical lights have a relatively short lifespan and give out an enormous amount of heat, whereas LEDs can last up to 100 times longer and don’t produce any heat. This makes the upgrade practical both in terms of a need to replace light bulbs and energy consumption, but also performers will be able to work harder without the heat that usually bears down on them affect their performance.

A representative from LED online store Visible Lighting praised the University’s step towards a more efficient future – “Traditional theatre lanterns have to use sheets of coloured plastic to create a colour on stage, whereas LED bulbs have the ability to change colour and create a diverse range of moods.

“LEDs are also incredibly efficient in the way they use energy; less heat, less energy, longer lasting. Theatres all over the world could benefit economically by upgrading their systems.”

Visible Lighting was established with a view to providing high quality lighting at affordable prices. Supplying a multitude of energy saving products, the company specialises in LED lighting including LED strip lights, LED ceiling and wall lights, LED flood lights as well as commercial LED lighting. All products take advantage of the latest technology, providing customers with the best value for money. Visible Lighting places customer service as its top priority, regularly expanding its product lines.

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