LED bulb retail price drops in March of 2013, 40W equiv. bulb price falls to 4USD in the Chinese market

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, in March, only several new LED lighting products were launched in the global market, and the price of existing products showed a steady decline. In the global market, 40W equiv. LED bulb retail price has dropped by 3.9% to 17.1USD, and 60W equiv. LED bulb average price has dropped by 6.5% to 24.1USD.

40W equiv. traditional incandescent bulb price drops to 4USD in the global market

Average price of 60W equiv. traditional incandescent bulbs drops steadily in each country

Facing fierce market competition, 40W LED bulb price drop more rapidly in the Chinese market

The price of China’s 40W equiv. bulbs still remained low. SunSun lighting’s 6.5W LED bulbs (450 lumen), for example, was quoted at 4.1USD in March, which is currently the lowest in all statistical areas. Besides the UK and Germany, 40W LED bulb price in other statistical areas are all below 10USD. It is clear that 40W LED bulb price is lower in the Asian market than the European and US market.

On the other hand, the average price of 60W LED bulbs remained still in Japan, Korea, Europe, and the US. In China and Taiwan, however, 60W LED bulb average price has dropped due to other cheap local products. LEDinside believed that the usage and penetration rate of 40W equiv. bulbs was higher than that of 60W equiv. bulbs, thus the market competition was more intense, and price decline was more rapid.

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