GE Lighting debut Guangzhou International Lighting Fair 2011

As a global brand within the lighting industry, GE Lighting 2011 June 9 to 12 to "trip the light and life experience"as the theme appeared the tenth session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Booth: 2.1 B02 .) By then, GE Lighting will not only showcase its industry-leading lighting has always been innovative technology, and more would pass the customers has always been committed to providing complete lighting solutions and applications for better vision.

Lighting industry, GE Lighting as an international brand for over 100 years unwavering commitment to provide customers with innovative precision designed, quality reliable lighting products and solutions, and take this opportunity will be 272 sqm in the exhibition booth on-site representation through its core The practical application of lighting solutions. During the exhibition, GE Lighting will focus on the objective life of its stand as a virtual set design hotels, retail stores, coffee shops, roads and other subject area, in order to show the focus of GE lighting, new products in 2011, indoor and outdoor products and meet Different applications of lighting solutions.

In addition, GE Lighting will host a rich set of on-site activities. In addition to the first day of the exhibition held in 2011 focus on new product press conference outside the LED, while also carried out for commercial and retail, road transportation, hotels and restaurants, and other applications of the special lighting solutions seminars, as come to visit Lighting chain stakeholders, industry visitors and customers to provide a better understanding, an excellent platform for promoting cooperation.

Edison diligent in adhering to the spirit of innovation and wisdom, GE Lighting for the continuous research and innovation, is now extended step by step to achieve the light of their life, increase lighting efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the ultimate goal. With its superior product quality and good technical services through The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, GE Lighting is more communication and collaboration will promote the industry for the advancement of technology to drive the industry to further get into the Chinese market and the deepening of Spare no effort.

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