Matsushita Electric Works, introduced in China energy-saving LED lights green

Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center in the "2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" will be officially announced on the Panasonic sales for the Chinese and other efficient LED lighting and fluorescent lighting fixtures and light sources and other new products.

Akira Matsushita Electric told the state president Shoin HEA, Panasonic Group's unique "strengths of technology" (energy-saving technology, software technology, production and quality management techniques), and in China, "infrastructure capacity" (equipment, lighting, lighting planning, development, manufacture, sales are now to integration). Panasonic LED lighting, the integration of Panasonic's "strength of technology" and "infrastructure capacity", the introduction of lighting and comfortable space to contribute to China's energy efficiency.

Matsushita Electric to enter China in 1978, and now, Panasonic Group "green" as the business activities of the spindle, Akira Matsushita Hiroshi Yamamoto, general manager of home network to accept an interview, said the "social development through production, an affluent life to contribute to "business philosophy to promote business. Brand slogan "Panasonic ideas for life" is the concept of condensation.

It is said that the Matsushita Group announced that 2015 annual sales target of 3 billion yuan, about 5 times in 2009.

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