Company's LED tube case study

Great Lighting lineage
the chip of led is of high quality and greater elevation, 14*17chip, which is from HUGA in Taiwan.
It can fight against higher anti-static and dispense more brightness, esp. 3528 smd led is at least 2000mcd or 6lm.
Low candle attenuation, esp. the white candle is supporting novel mechanical supplies, smaller diagram than 5% in 1000h, however, the
traditional attenuation of white color at least 30%;Ultra quality inner transformer.
The core mechanical supplies of Tube Light is inner transformer. One transformer contravened, and the whole
unit damaged. We have joined with one Key University since 2007 here and used USD5000
mold assignment to receive one transformer with sole harmony, which is specially for our T8.
More durable & robust.
It can candle higher to 10 years, comes with 2 years promise time.
High safety performance.
We have double isolation from our transformer. And the goods effected voltage is DC12V/24V instead
DC60V in the existing market. What is more, our LED tube are CE, certified and Rohs compliant.
 With the range of CE, we have surpassed through EMC and LVD tryout, so you can request the tube
for your endeavours freely. In lead to assure the certainty of our T8 equated with numerous faked
certification in other providers here, here we offer you authorised certified business
Shenzhen BST Technology Co., Ltd with its website: . You simply free-spoken the link and input our
Certificate Number, afterward you will receive all items from us.
Tube package,Make sure entirely good cubicles during shippment.
Quick listeners for installation.
Running without ballast and starter, and positioning it to conventional fitting directly. It
comes with high charge savings.
Variety of Size.

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