Boslin Customer Service Department, attached to Business Center of Baixiling LTD, is one of the major departments in this company. Our company attaches great importance to after-sales service quality. Main work contents of Customer Service Department are as follows:
1. Receive and deal with customers’ comprehensive consultation, provide product information and answers to relevant questions for customers.
2. Receive and deal with customers’ complains, track, coordinate, solve problems and improvement suggestions put forward by customers and during business process with our company.
3. Initiatively communicate and contact customers, get to know their feelings and demands, achieve customers’ information feedback to each relevant management department and production unit, follow up favorable handling.
There are two groups affiliated to the Customer Service Department of Baixiling Photonics Business Center-customer service group and customer complain group. Customer service group deals with customers’ comprehensive consultation mainly through answering hotlines and on-line communication;
Customer complain group mainly provides follow-up and commitment for customers’ complains and suggestions. In order to possess every customer with the most satisfying service in Boslin Company and establish favorable mutual trust relations between customers and our company, we emphasize “pertinence” and “effectiveness” of customer service, and put receiving responsibility system into practice, in other words, being responsible for every phone call and ever complain from customers, with an aim to make customers gain more understanding of Baixiling and enhance emotions for each other.
In case you should have any questions or demands concerning Baixiling Company, or any suggestions on our service, you are welcomed to contact us at any time, we will spare no efforts to offer you the best service.
Your satisfaction is our motivation. All the staff in Customer Service Department of Baixiling Photonics Business Center is willing to warm customers with our sincere heart, and create future with our hearty service.



Service philosophy
“Green Service” makes environmental dream come true-Baixiling service philosophy
Green service-Both of our products and service are comfortable, natural and energy efficiency.
Comfortable and Natural:
All of our customers are the most cherished friends and partners. It is our sincere expectation to possess customers with wonderful user experience. No matter glamorous smile when facing customers or friendly greetings when making phone calls is a presentation of our deep heart in the most natural way.
Energy Efficiency:
It is not only electric energy Baixiling saves for you. We are willing to save your time and energy with our high efficiency and quality service. No matter what kind of demands you have, all you need is dialing Baixiling Global Unified Service Hotline: +86-0755-36524525 let us finish the remaining part.

We possess “Green Service” as our service philosophy, as well as professional customer service facilities to firmly support our action.
Service Center: +86-0755-36524525

Unified access number: global customers dialing the same number makes “One Number” come true. Any question can be solved through a simple and easy-to-remember number;
Multiple access modes: global customers can make constant calls through cell phones and fixed telephones;
Strong network stability: stable and favorable system guarantees effective receipt of customers’ information, provides emergency solutions in case parts or the entire network should break down.

Fast User Switching;
CRM Customer Service Management System:
One-line service request with fast and highly efficient network operation platform makes it possible to master follow-up conditions of all customers’ appeals, which is conducive to uniformly allocating resources, enhancing management efficiency and formulating relevant statistical statement.

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