Warranty Policy

1. All products are, at the time of shipment, warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal service and use, provided that installation or renewal is in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

2. The warranty lasts 3years, counting from the date of shipment from Boslin .

3. If any product(s) appears not to meet the warranty specified above, and then after Boslin has examined and tested the allegedly non-complying product(s) and found said product(s) to be in fact defective within the above warranty, Boslin will at its option either furnish a replacement for or issue a credit for the purchase price of product(s) thereof which proves to be not in compliance with the aforesaid warranty.

4. The fitting of a replacement supplied free of charge under warranty does not extend the original warranty period cover.

5. Boslin does not automatically accept liability for associated or consequential loss of any kind whatsoever, but due consideration will be given in cases where product(s) is confirmed as defective after examination and test.

6. This warranty does not apply to any failures which prove to be the result of misuse, negligence, accident, maladjustment or repair.


Warranty Policy Data


What excluded from coverage is as following:

(a) Damage that result from abuse and misuse such as improper operation, storage, accident or neglect;

(b) The defects during shipping;

(c) Defects or damages resulting from the use of Non-Boslin branded or certified products, accessories or other equipment;

(d) Other acts which are not the fault of Boslin. This warranty is the only one Boslin warranty, no other exists.

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