Rights protection and anti-counterfeit

“Simao” high-power LED lighting product, affiliated to “Boslin Photonics”, has always gained great love from enormous customers with its consistently advanced techniques and high quality. However, individual merchants are recently seen conducting misleading propaganda and product sales in the name of “Simao” in the market, which severely infringes legal trademark, patent and trade rights of “Boslin Photonics”. What’s more important is that poor quality of counterfeit infringing products not only causes extremely adverse influence on our company image, but also largely impairs customers’ interests.With an aim to combat counterfeit, inferior infringing products and behaviors, protect vital interests of

“Boslin Photonics” and enormous customers, our company is hereby to declare solemnly: our company will adopt all legal and necessary measures to conduct thorough research on infringing behaviors, delegate professional attorneys and relevant government offices to take legal actions toward infringers, these actions include but not limited to: send lawyer’s letters, close down, file civil lawsuits and criminal suits.

In the meanwhile, relevant infringement clues from all fields of people are very welcomed by Boslin Photonics. On account of important and reliable clue data, our company will give more than 3000 yuan as cash bonus for providers.

Hereby to make an announcement!
Anti-counterfeit Report Hotline in Greater China District: 0086-755-36524525   
Chensheng: 0086-15989872868     0086-13425160076


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